Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our new shop in Alameda

In September of 2011 we moved our shop to a waterfront building located on the decommissioned Naval base in Alameda, CA. The building was used by the Navy to test and repair jet engines from the 1940's until the base was closed in 1997. Shortly after it was converted into a wood and metal working facility that also houses a piano repair shop, a mobile recording studio, a wind tunnel / air flow testing facility and now our new 1400 sq foot workshop! Below are some photos of the new space, as well as some of the panoramic (and slightly toxic) views of the Bay that we've been lucky enough to enjoy each day.

More photos here


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  7. Beneath are a few photographs of the new space, and a percentage of the surrounding perspectives of the Bay that I've been lucky enough to appreciate every day.

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